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Webinar: Introduction to Woodford – the Resco Development Tool


Learn more about creating an effective inspection process, data collection and find out how you can boost productivity with the latest addition to Resco’s product lineup.

Part 1: Business point of view

Part 2: Technical point of view

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How-to Videos

Inspections: Enabling You To Shape Every Step of Your Inspection Process (14/09/2018)

Webinar: Security (11/07/2018)

Configuration with Woodford: adding a new entity (27/07/2018)

Webinar: How to create a mobile project in Resco Woodford (6/6/2018)

Webinar: Let’s configure the Mobile CRM app (Intro to Woodford) (23/05/2018)

Webinar: Getting Started with Resco Mobile (03/05/2018)