Resco Product Brochures

A descriptive set of documents that pertain to Resco Cloud and Resco Mobile CRM that will enable you to see a full set of features and/or their functions. Resco Mobile CRM provides a variety of case scenario datasheets to tailor to your business needs. If you’d like to help the Resco Team in creating language specific datasheets, please send us a translation of the document in the language of your choice, and we’ll be happy to create a presentable PDF for your local use.

Resco Roadmap

Resco Roadmap for 2018 & beyond

Brochures Available

Resco Cloud – General

Resco Cloud – Features

Resco Cloud – Process – Automation

Resco Cloud – Salesforce – Brochure

Resco Mobile CRM – General – no – backend – label

Resco Mobile CRM – General

Resco Mobile CRM – Branding

Resco Mobile CRM – Apps

Resco Mobile CRM – Security

Resco Inspections – Overview

City Smart Services – E-book

Microsoft ISV Mini Case Study – Resco (Co-branded official)

Microsoft ISV Datasheet – Resco (Co-branded official)

Security review of Mobile CRM solution by NCC Group – Management Summary

Partner Content Material

Admiral Dynamics Resco Whitepaper